When love knocks on your door Ask it honestly, Are you alone, or accompanied By your brethren For you alone cannot satiate me. I seek the comfort of trust As much as the ode of respect, With dignity and equality As the sisters that propel you. You in your solitude Are likely to combust And … Continue reading


A little bite of life

We are already into my favourite season of the year - that beautiful time somewhere in between summer and winter. I would refrain from calling it "Fall" in the Indian context, because really, India doesn't have a fall or autumn. But yeah, it's the season for cinnamon teas, brunches, mid-day or evening plans, and of … Continue reading A little bite of life

True power does not lie in what you can make other people do, whether around you or far away. It doesn't lie in owning every conceivable luxury. It doesn't like in looking perfect and well put together at all times. It doesn't even lie in your in your intellectual capacity that helps you stay miles … Continue reading